Pow To The People (powtothepeople) wrote,
Pow To The People

Here's a portfolio if you will of handbags and stuff ive done. Check bag for updates, i have a bunch of bags and now wallets too comin up soon! Contact me questions or custom jobs either here or at kidviskous@yahoo.com. thanks!


Diamond Jumble Wallet $35
Front has blue diamonds, back has pink diamonds (but just imagine if the picture wasn't so blown out, the colors are much richer than in the photos). About 3.5x5'' has snap closure and change purse along with photo/businesscard slots and paper money side slot

Diamond Jumble Pocketbook $50
Big blue diamond and small pink diamonds on front, classic diamond jumble on back. About 4x9'' snap closure, lots of slots for business cards, pictures, checkbook, flap folds over in middle with monogram. Again, imagine if the photo wasn't blown out, colors identical to that of the speedy bag below

Art Deco Stained Glass Style Briefcase, comes w/shoulder strap. (This was a custom made gift, thus THIS DESIGN NOT FOR SALE! Just an example of what I'm capable of and what kind of bags you can get)

runs $175-$200 depending on what design

Diamond Jumble Speedy Bag (comes in 6x7x10 inch size for $125 and 7x8x12 inch size for $150)
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