Pow To The People (powtothepeople) wrote,
Pow To The People

Message me or email kidviskous@yahoo.com for questions or ordering information!

Seahorse Corral (get it? coral and corral? sea horses? ok, ok...) $20
Colorful plastic seahorses with matching chandelier beads and REAL GENUINE polished coral pieces

Gold Seahorse $15
A gold version of the "Hi-ho Seahorse"

Back in Africa Collection! $25/$30
These are a real rarity. First ones are solid silver charms in the shape of the African continent with details naming the major cities in Africa! Second ones are GENUINE burrowing beetle shells!! Not for the faint of heart like my mom, but gorgeous irridescent green color, super super rare!

I call these the "That's So Yarr" Collection: Daggers $20, Pirate Ship $35, Wheel and Anchor $25
Solid silver charms all of them, genuine pearls with the skull

Pirate's Treasure $25
Gold colored silver skull with chainlink fringe and dangling incredibly detailed mini pistol charms
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